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Should I Do Something About My Hair Loss? Am I Fooling Myself?

Everyone experiences some hair loss during the hair growth cycle. However, if you are losing more hair than usual in your comb, shower drain, or on your pillow, it may be time to address the issue.

Answer the questions below to find out whether you are ready to take action about your hair loss. LookWell helps those struggling with thinning hair or balding by addressing the problem and offering a solution to combat it. You deserve better-looking hair, and we want to help you achieve that with our hair loss solution.

Q. Is it harder than it used to be to go out and meet new people?

Q. Does it take a long time before you can step away from the mirror, convinced that your hair looks good?

Q. Are there sports and activities you won't do anymore because of your hair?

Q. Do you hate standing under bright lights?

Q. Do you dread going out on very windy days?

Q. Do you avoid having your photograph taken?

Q. Are you sick of wearing hats all the time, even when they are not appropriate?

Q. Are you resentful of men older than you who have full heads of hair?

Q. Do you feel awkward asking women out on dates?

Q. Do you wish for that inner confidence you used to have about your appearance?

Q. Do you spend time wondering if people at work or parties are talking about your hair?

Q. Do you worry that the solutions you have found may not be working?

Q. Do you catch sight of yourself unexpectedly in mirrors and feel shocked at who you see?

Q. Are you slightly defensive about the state of your hair?

Q. Do you have an overall feeling of insecurity about yourself as a man right now?

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