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Why HairSoReal Is Right for You

HairSoReal from LookWell is an extraordinary new solution to hair thinning and balding problems. This isn't a paint or cream that attempts to cover your scalp; it is uniquely formulated from artificial hair fibers and is not glossy or shiny either. HairSoReal is a finely textured fiber substance that binds to your existing hair and forms a complete layer of hair above your scalp where real hair is. It looks like natural hair and comes in black, dark brown, brown, medium brown, light brown, dark blonde, ash blonde, and light grey to perfectly match your own natural hair color.

HairSoReal is safe on your hair or skin. It will not smear or stain your face or clothing. It is easily removed by washing, and it is completely safe for anyone to use.

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Instructions for Use:

  • For Optimal Results, Wash, Dry, and Style Your Hair
  • Sprinkle HairSoReal Over the Thinning Area Until the Scalp Is No Longer Visible
  • Gently Pat the Area of Application with Your Hand to Help It Settle Naturally Onto Your Scalp and Existing Hair
  • Apply Your Favorite Hair Spray Over the Applied Area and Go Out Confidently to Tackle the Challenges of Your Day

*Important: Shake bottle well before each use. This will activate individual fibers to fashion to your natural hair.


  • Cease Use Immediately If HairSoReal Causes Any Irritation
  • If HairSoReal Enters the Eye, Wash Out Immediately with Water
  • Do Not Ingest or Inhale
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children
  • If HairSoReal Gets on Your Clothing, It Will Brush Off Easily
  • Place Covers on Pillows When Sleeping with HairSoReal
  • Swimming with HairSoReal Is Not Recommended

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